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Sample Projects

40 inch ANSI 900 Top Entry Ball Valve. These were manufactured specifically for the Shell Nigeria EGGS II Launcher and Receiver project. They are electric actuator operated and key interlocked into the launching sequence. The valves were cycle tested as part of their qualification for this project.

TK Ball Valves, ANSI 2500 installed on the Shell Expro Galleon Platform. Manufactured at Heerema Vlissingen, the platform was one of a series of platforms that also included the Barque and Schooner platforms. PEB supplied manual and actuated TK Ball valves including the riser ESD.

8 inch ANSI 150 Double Block and Bleed valves. These valves are used in a metering skid application for Emerson. Product segregation is of critical importance and the Twin Seal Double Block and Bleed valves are the only valves suitable for this purpose.

DN 50 PN 40 PEB flow control valve with full stainless steel actuator, the valve is manufactured for a chemical plant.

2 inch ANSI 600 PEB by-pass valve, the valve is manufactured for a power generation plant.

DN 200 PN 40 bellow sealed control valve in duplex, the valve is manufactured for a chemical plant.

3 inch ANSI 600 compressor recycle valve, the valve is part of a PEB compressor skid supplied to an underground gas storage (UGS) facility.

8 inch ANSI 300 flow control valve, the valve is part of a metering skid.

DN 50 PN 16 cooling water control valve, the valve is manufactured for a wood treatment plant.

Dresser Rand 7HOSS4-3 gas compressor.

Two Dresser Rand 7HOSS6-2 5500 kW electric driven dual stage fuel booster compressors

Dresser Rand 6HOS6-3 compressor for offshore application. API 618, 3000 kW electric driven, Well injection, Stainless steel ‘Piggy back’ dampers, PED & PD5500, Three-point support

Dresser Rand 6 cyl. two stage 6HOSS6-2 Gas Compressor. Compressor skid, Lube oil module, Scrubber skid, Fin fan coolers, High voltage starter, Soft starter, MCC, Unit Control Panel, Interconnecting piping, Field cabling, Vent stack

Dresser Rand A VIP4 Mobile Pipeline
Evacuation Compressor

PEB E&C designed and engineered a new off-gas compressor for gas storage Bergermeer that will help to reduce emissions of the plant to virtually zero by an innovative approach using a four train non-API compressor system, ensuring high uptime, adaptive flow control / wide flow range, low absorbed power during full recycle, and ease of maintenance.

Technical data:
– 1 .. 300 BarA
– 800 .. 1800 rpm (VSD operation)
– 0 .. 100 Nm3/h per compressor, multiple compressors working in parallel to obtain required flow rate
– ATEX/PED/CE compliant

Launcher and Receiver for the Bluewater Triton FPSO for Amarada Hess.c/w Valves,piping and key interlocks.
Rating: ANSI 1500
Size: 12 x 16 inch, Length ~ 5 m
QOC: Bayonet
Design: ASME VIII Div 1

Combined Launcher and Receiver for TAQA Energy BV Bergermeer UGS Project. c/w Pig handling equipment.
Rating: ANSI 1500
Size: 30 x 36 inch, Length ~ 6.5 m
QOC: Bayonet
Design: ASME VIII Div 2

35 Pcs Launchers and Receivers for SADARA Jubail 1 project Through Daewoo E&C and Foster Wheeler
Rating: ANSI 150 to ANSI 600
Size: Various, Length ~3-5 m
QOC: Clampring
Design: ASME VIII, ASME B31.8

Stoppel 16” dubbelpositie met een aparte omloopleiding.
Stadsverwarming 110 graden Celcius @ 12 Bar.
Aanvoer- en retourleiding beide gestoppeld.

Ontwerp en fabricage van aanboormachine.
Speciaal ontwerp van Smit Salvage.
Aanboringen sub sea ontwerp.
Tot op heden 14 machines geleverd.

Aanboring t.b.v aftak gasstation.
Uitgevoerd in Bilbao Spanje
70 Bar Aardgas.