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Energy Transition and 'Going Green'

Historically, PEB has developed its products specifically for the Oil, Gas and Energy sector. It is here we have applied our knowledge and experience over many years. However, with changing times, there comes a need to adapt our products such as Compressor Installations, Launchers, Receivers and Valves to new applications. We feel we are uniquely placed to serve this changing market as a supplier, system integrator or project partner.

Energy TransEnergy Transition: We see the energy transition not so much as a revolution, changing to a new way of doing things overnight, but more as an evolutionary process where the mix of available energy will change over time. Currently hydrocarbons are the prevalent source, but this will shift to more sustainable energy sources such as Electrical (wind, solar, hydro) Biofuels and Hydrogen. Green Hydrogen will play an increasingly important role once the challenges of scaling up this process have been overcome. Until that time, both Grey Hydrogen and Blue Hydrogen will also be used. This means that in this transition period, CO2 capture and storage will be vital.


Energy MixGreener Industry: Not only will there be a change in the Energy Mix from hydrocarbon oil to more sustainable sources, Industry will also play a major role by reducing its emissions and its overall ‘carbon footprint’. One of the more promising mechanisms of doing this is through the application of ‘Supercritical CO2’. This process uses CO2 in a closed system under high pressure and temperature as a super-efficient extraction agent. This has many applications such as in the clothing industry where it is used to apply dye to synthetic textiles. Using this process negates the need for large volumes of precious drinking water and chemicals that are usually discarded at the end of the process. It can also be used for dehydration, here it replaces large kilns that use a great deal of hydrocarbon energy, releasing vast amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere. The versatility of supercritical CO2 means ever more industrial processes can be made ‘Greener’. Green is not just the color of our logo, but a philosophy we subscribe to by converting to E.V. company cars, LED lighting and applying our products to a greener future. We strongly believe that the way forward is to embrace the more sustainable energy sources while at the same time maximizing and optimizing the existing sources.